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Wheel Balancer Prod 001

Product Description:
Wheel Balancer Prod

Technical parameters and features:

Test Data

Microcomputer control trigger work, higher device stability.

Recovery, recycling, vacuum, filling, filling a variety of functions.

LCD Chinese or English menu display, simple operation.

Electronic measurement scale installations to ensure recovery and filling accuracy.

Piping connections and reliable quality assurance.

Nitrogen pressurized vacuum leak.

With a vial of refrigerant charge port, a wide range of applications.

Technical parameters:

Recycling rate: 8g / s

Charging rate: 15g / s

Filling volume range: 0-10kg

Vacuum pump rate: 2L / s

Cooling Tank Capacity: 12L

Filling accuracy: ± 5g

Compressor: 1/4 HP

Interface Refrigerant: R134a

Power: 220v/50Hz