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Standard Refrigerant Recycle&Charge

Product Description:
Recover,Regenerate,Vacuum,Charge and fill oil
Recover,Regenerate,Vacuum,Charge and fill oil

Technical parameters and features:

1.      Control the running by microcomputer
2.      Recover, regenerate, vacuum, charge and fill oil.
3.      LCD Chinese/English manual, easy operation
4.      Fine collection of pipeline
5.      Inflate the N2 , increase pressure, vacuum, leak detect.
6.      Equipped with small tank charge por.
Technical data
Recover rate ≤8g/s
Coolant tank ≤12L
Charge rate ≤15g/s
Charge volume 0~5kg
Charge accuracy ±5g
Coolant R134a/R12
Pump rate 2L/S
Compressor 1/4PH
weight 95kg