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Injector diagnosis with cabinet

Product Description:
Injector diagnosis with cabinet
Protective device for pump overtime running

Technical parameters and features:

Main function
1.      Test the injecting uniformity
2.      Test the injecting atomizing
3.      Test the seal and dribbling of injector
4.      Test injecting volume
5.      Imitate the running state of injectors to diagnostic fault
6.      Eliminate the residua and carbon in injectors by ultrasonic cleaning
7.      Clean the engine system on vehicle(optional)
8.      Various connectors (optional) are including Hose/tail type, K and GDI type.
1. Optimal cleaning effect by powerful ultrasonic technique
2. Adopt unique infinitely variable pressure adjustment
3. Feature with protective device for pump overtime running
4. Imitated nine running state of engine for choice
5. Clearly observe the injecting state with fluorescence
6. Suit to test the high/low resistance .voltage/current injectors.
7. Time or count test mode for choice
8. Returning the test fuel by solenoid valve .
9. Buile in protective device for over heat
10. Build in two stage filter system for test fuel.
11. Automatically simulate the nine running state to make test nine memory program
12. Ultrasonic device in the drawer
13. Sharp design for anti-dirt cover
Technical data
Model ATT-603B
RPM 0-9950R/min    step 50r/min
pulse width 0-20ms    step 0.1ms
time 0-9950     step 50 order
count 0-9950     step 50 order
system pressure 0-6.5kg/cm2